It is good that state officials reviewed and updated their list of physically
disabled Kansans waiting to get social services. It is usually understandable
that some advocates for your disabled are suspicious of the administration s
removing more than 1,Ugg Outlet Store ,000
people in the list.

Even with the removal, their list remains too long keeping the state of hawaii
at risk of federal a lawsuit.

Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Shawn Sullivan, secretary with the Kansas Department
for Aging and Disability Services, announced a week ago that 1,226 individuals
with physical disabilities had been removed from the waiting list for home- and
community-based services. There was 3,462 people listed in July. But after
doing an audit, hawaii decided that with regards to a third of your companion
should stop on the list.

The audit also determined that about 250 people weren t for the waiting list
but must have been. So after individuals were added, the mediocre ones removed,
and also other moves on and from the list, the actual total of people waiting
for services is 2,197.

Through an updated plus more accurate list increases the state a better
understanding of its responsibilities and should help it direct resources to
people most in need. Sullivan announced, as an example, that his agency was now
prepared to begin providing services to 100 people on the list by the end of
the year.

But Rocky Nichols, executive director of the Disability Rights Center of
Kansas, said he was extremely concerned about the removal of people from your
waiting list, specially the nearly 300 people who couldn t be contacted.

You don’t only have to wait years to pay off the waiting list in Kansas, the
actual state is saying if they can t get ahold people due to explore having the
money to include minutes on your prepaid cellphone, otherwise you had to move
to make ends meet that they’re going to add insult to injury and kick you off
services, Nichols told the Kansas Health Institute News Service. It can make no

(KDADS officials declared if everyone was wrongly taken out of the list, they
will be added and wouldn t lose their devote line.)

Others have questioned perhaps the main motive for removing people through the
list was to make the state look better to federal officials. The U.S. Justice
Department is considering law suit against the state for possible violations of
the U.S. Supreme Court s Olmstead ruling, which declared that a disabled person
features a right to reside in the least restrictive environment.

Barry Grissom, U.S. attorney for Kansas, said in the statement a week ago that
the Justice Department continues to monitor hawaii s activities on all issues
that may correspond with any potential Olmstead violations.

Still, it’s essential that the state becomes a better handle on that is on the
waiting list and why. Now it requires to provide funding in order that those
needing help don t have to keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

To the editorial board, Phillip Brownlee

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